Quickfix Print


Trendy, slim, flexible, easy to handle AND individually designed: Quickfix PRINT- the printed card with clamping function.

Reinforced card covered with printed cardboard and cellophane structure - in standard colours, motiv printing or individual print. Clamping rail in the back covered with Medici bookbinder's cloth. To fix loose paper into the attached, transparent bar and then insert it into the back (clamping rail) of the card. Max. filling level ca. 3-4 mm. Protective corners available in gold, silver, old gold, old silver, black or copper.

Design your card completely according to your taste: integrate your logo into the individual design. Additionally you can decide for embossing your logo in blind or metallic embossing.

Please note: mat cellophane structure available for an extra charge.

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starting from € 25,90 free delivery in Austria

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