new materials

Different materials for different requirements!
The haptics and tactility of your card is also a central criterion to underline your style.

We offer a variety of materials to choose and always pay attention to highest quality for optium use in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Our range of materials results from and develops with the needs of our clients. Currently you can choose from a big variety of different materials.
Depending on the chosen model this can be applied and combined in different ways.

Whether fine Medici bookbinder's cloth, roughly structured Design leather, smooth and mat soft leather, natural wood or wood veneer, original Loden or superstrong genuine leather... - we (hopefully) offer the according material for each taste. If not we find it for sure.

Of course the offered range of colours for each material speaks for itself.

Furthermore: The combination makes the difference. Not only our main materials but also the according accessories as well as the fitting spine - if metal or wooden -, the colour of protective corners, the colour of the sewing thread or the edging are decisive to create your unique model.

When introducing new materials and for using existing materials the following criteria are decisive to come into our standard assortment:

  • unique haptics
  • high quality and processing
  • water-repellent
  • stable and strong
  • easy to clean and to be wiped
  • optimal for further processing of our products
  • possibilities of combination and durability of finishing: suitable for embossing, Permadruck, etc
  • great choice of colours and optics

Choose according to your style, your requirements and your use. We are happy to advise you personally on which product could be right for you and your business.

Here you can see our materials.