tips and help

The menu card is oftenly defined as the business card of the house,
as such it should really be considered.

The menu card provides all the information about your house.

  • If the menu card is and looks clean the surroundings is probably too.
  • Is the menu card tapped the ambience will not be up to date.
  • If the content is boring there probably will be bad taste on the plate.

There will be a lot of connotations like these. It's a fact that you have a big leap of faith with a new individual and representing menu card / hotel folder / etc. that has to be protected. Care your card as you care for yourself and your clients will be satisfied. Change the content according to your offer to present the variety of products.

Pack the important information into your card. Use the opportunity to include your sponsors and suppliers. A new card offers a lot of possibilities for high-valued advertising space.
Consider your card as a marketing tool and the investment in new cards will pay off immediately.