Frequently asked Questions to your menu card order

Questions are here to be answered.
If your question can't be answered with the FAQs and answers below please contact us per telephone to help you with words and deeds.

1. How long is production and delivery time?

3-4 weeks at a maximum.
The production for cards without stamping / Permadruck / individual print or standard ebmosssing lasts around 2 to 3 weeks after receipt of your written confirmations.
For cards with individual embossing, Permadruck or individual print the production lasts - after receipt of your written confirmations (purchase order AND graphical preview) and having got the prepayment - ca. 3 to 4 weeks.
In case of openings and fixed dates we are always keen on shortening the time of production of your order. We ask for personal agreement on the appointment.

2. logistics partner

Our main logistics partner is UPS.
Catalogue mailings within Austria or to Switzerland are delivered by Post.

UPS = United Parcel Service is a very big logistics company who we send mostly all our sample cards and produced orders with. As the largest package delivery company in the world UPS is also a leading provider of specialized transportation, logistics, capital and e-commerce services. Every day UPS manages the flow of goods, funds and information in more than 200 countries and territories.

3. delivery duration / logistics

Please note: shipping time = indication of the actual delivery time of FROM completion of the order.
As we are producing all prodcts individually it's necessary to distinguish time for production absolutely from time for delivery.

How long is the time of delivery on average?
The delivery time to Austria is on average 1 to 3 working days.
At and between holidays it can be expected that, if necessary, more time is needed.

Does the chosen term of payment affect the time of delivery?
No it doesn't: If you select payment "COD - cash on delivery" or if you order online and pay "per credit card" or "paypal" the production is started directly after receipt of the required written confirmations. If you select payment per "prepayment" we start prdouction after receipt of the written confirmations AND after receiving the payment. Please consider this necessarily.
As the confirmation of the order and the graphics are requested anyway the prepayment can also arrive at the same time and therefore we have no delay of time for production and delivery - compared to the other methods of payment.

How long does the delivery to Switzerland take?
The time of delivery to Switzerland is in each case depending on the required customs procedure.
On an average the time of delivery lasts betweeen 2 and 5 working days.

How can I check the delivery status?
Afther completion - this means at the day of delivery of your order - your automatically receive a mail of our transport partner including your tracking number. At clicking at the tracking number you can follow exactly the current location of your parcel / your package.

4. packaging and shipping costs

Please find here basic information regarding to packaging and dispatch costs.
According to your inquiry / order we inform you about the arising expences for packaging and dispatch through in your individually prepared offer or purchase order.

Within Austria: per package max. € 15,80

To Germany: per package max. € 20,30

Cash on delivery is only possible to Austria and Germany. Thefore the collection fee of € 17,- is added to the general dispatch costs.

Switzerland: per package max. € 26,50

+ at each order additionally = € 59,- for export clearance and partial custom duties. These costs are pure net costs we have to pay to the shipping service. Excluding import duties and import VAT.

Other EU member states and non-EU countries: on request

5. What means "Einschub = insertion / side to view"?

The needed number of insertions / sides to view is equal to your required number of pages per card - this means for how many sheets of paper do you need space?

Per plug-in card (foil, cardboard, etc.) you have to count 2 insertions / sides to view (insertion possible front and backwards). 1 insertion means therefore 1 side to view (1 sheet of paper). F. ex.: 6 insertions/sides to view (= for 6 sheets of paper) = 3 plug-in cards.

There are also exceptions

  • The production of the inside of the model Furore is only available in double plug-in cards (each 4 sides to view / insertions)
  • For Model "Kristall" (foil card) the front- and back-insertion is included in the total number of insertions, as there's no other cover chosen.

6. What is standard embossing?

We already have pre-made stamping molds (f.ex. "Menu", "Drinks", "Wines" etc.) in house, which can be embossed at any time. These can be used instead or in additon to your logo.

7. Required file format of the logo?

Please send us your logo in the best quality you have.

Best case would be:

  • JPEG with a resolution of 300 ppi (pixel per Inch)
  • vector graphic (eps, ai, pdf)

Our graphics department will gladly assist you in choosing your individual design.

8. How many sample cards can I get before I order?

We send sample cards SELECTIVELY with one or more cards for your decision. Therefore it would be the best to talk about your requirements and needs to limit our big range of products. The first sending of samples is free. We also bear the costs of returning for you.
The sample shipment contains already existing sample cards to view as well as the according material samples / color samples and for sure our current product catalogue. For specific sample selection we can also send you our product catalogue before sample cards.

9. How can I return the sample cards free of charge?

That's quite simple. The cover letter of your sample cards includes a return label. Therefore we already applied for the sending back with UPS.
The only thing to do on your part:

  • Please repack the sample cards safely to be ready for returning and stick on the attached returning label to the package
  • Call UPS and a date suiting for you or arrange the returning online.
    For online returning or to see the number you have to call to go to - select your country and then go on to the right steps (telephone number under "call customer service")

According to your arrangement an employee of UPS then comes to pick up the package from your location. Ready. Thank you.
Customers from Switzerland please kindly note: We are happy to take over the outward shipping. Either you keep the sample cards or you take over the back sending. Thank you very much.

10. For how long can I keep the sample cards?

There's no fundamental predeterminated limit to return the sample cards again. Please feel free to keep the sample cards until you've made your decision. Usually this decision is taken within a few days or weeks.
If decision making should take longer or you need the sample cards for a longer period for any other reason please clarify this per telephone with us. Thank you.

11. How can I get an offer?

There are some possibilities to get an individual offer:

  • per telephone: +43 7673 40000
  • per mail:
  • online: directly in the product configurator (print your offer directly)
  • personally in our house

We send your offer per mail including all relevant information you need (product / model, colors, material, number of cardss, max. time for production and delivery, dispatch, etc.).

12. How can I order?

Therefore you have different possibilities too:

  • per telephone: +43 7673 40000
  • per mail:
  • online: directly in the product configurator (payment with credit card or paypal possible too - additionally to prepayment)
  • personally in our house

We send you the purchase order in written form to check the correctness and for your written confirmation.

13. What further steps are necessary for your order?

After receiving your order you shortly receive a written purchase order per mail from our part (usually this lasts no longer than until the following day) including all details of the order and the according information.
Please check if all the details are correct and then send your written confirmation.

At the same time or after your confirmation please transfer your logo / your favourite design so that our graphic department can transmit the graphical proposal / design - also for your check and written confirmation.

If you have chosen the payment option "per prepayment" we ask you to transfer the amount at least after your written confirmation of the graphical design.

After getting both written confirmaitons - purchase order AND graphical preview - and receipt of payment (if chosen prepayment) we start production of your order. From this point the indicated maximum time for delivery applies.

14. bank details

We send you the according bank details directly after getting your order within the details of your written purchase order.
Please find below our international bank account:

IBAN AT30 3471 0000 0222 0291
bank name: Raiffeisenkasse A-4800 Attnang-Puchheim
recipient: Schlattner Verlag GmbH

For the transfer we ask you to indicate the number of your order and/or your customer number.

Customers from Switzerland: Please note: the incurred bank charges have to be beared completely by you. We don't bear these costs.

15. minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity per model and format is 15 pieces each.
For accessories the minimum order quantity can be different (please see details in our current catalogue or online or contact us directly).

Absolute minimum order quantity - this means the number of pieces where we can start production - are 5 pieces (excluding print products).Therefore we have to charge an extra charge for the order under the minimum quantity. This is € 25,- for the entire order and further € 25,- for the logo.

16. costs for logo

From an order quantity of 30 pieces (logo equal layout and size) the logo or print is FOR FREE, if unicolor stamping/embossing, Permadruck or print.

From an order quantity of 15 - 29 pieces the costs for stamping / embossing, Permadruck or prtin amount to € 110,-.
A standard stamping (existing stamping molds like "Menu", "Drinks", etc.) or choosing a motive from our existing and very extensive image data base is free starting at 15 pieces order quantity.

Stamping/Embossing: each additional stamping color (blind embossing is also considered as a "color") comes to € 90,-

17. payment options at GastroTopCard

We offer the following payment options:
Wir bieten folgende Zahlungsarten:

prepayment / payment in advance
Choosing the payment option per "prepayment" you receive the info for the bank account directly in the text of your purchase order. After receipt of your payment (additionally to your written confirmations of the order and the graphics) we start the production of your order. From this point the time for production and delivery specified in the written purchase order applies.
It may take a few days until your bank transfer is acutally visible on our account. To shorten this you have the possibility to send us a confirmation of payment with TAN-Code or bank stamp per mail.
Internationally possible.

cash on delivery
Choosing th payment option "cash on delivery" we start production directly after receipt of the required written confirmations. After completion of hte production we send the goods cash on delivery. This means: On receipt of the package you have to pay the agreed amount to the shipping provider delivering the goods.
The day on which the goods leaves our company you are informed and remembered to receive the goods in the next days and to prepare the agreed order total.
Additionally to the regular shipping costs the fee for COD amounting to € 17,- emerges.
Maximum order total including VAT to choose this payment option is € 1.000,-
Possible in Austria and Germany.

payment per credit card (ONLINE only)
For online orders you can also choose payment per credit card: Visa or Mastercard.
Please make sure to enter all data correctly. After completion of the online order you'll receive a written purchase order from our administration for your confirmation. Directly after receipt of the required confirmations we start production of the order.
Important note: Please ensure that credit card holder, customer/purchaser and address of delivery are identical to avoid a delay because of the card verification.
Possible internationally.

payment per paypal (ONLINE only)
The payment option paypal can also only be chosen for an online order. Therefore you have the possibility to pay directly at transaction of your online order by paypal-account. Please click the paypal-link and complete the payment.
After completion of the online order you'll receive a written purchase order from our administration for your confirmation. Directly after receipt of the required confirmations we start production of the order.
Possible internationally.

General information - applying to all payment options:

For each order (irrelevan if per telephone, per mail or online) you'll receive a written purchase order of our team including all relevant details and data per mail. Please check the correctness and then confirm in written form.
Then you'll receive the graphical preview (premise: graphical design content of the order) of our graphic department - also for your check and written confirmation.
When we received both confirmations - order and graphic - in written form we start production of your order. If chosen the payment option "per prepayment" we need the receipt of payment before start.
As we always manufacture individually created and designed products - individually produced referring to your wished combination - we can't offer the payment option "on account". We appreciate your understanding.

18. Where is my package?

Once your order has been produced and been made ready for dispatch you receive a shipping confirmation from our logistics partner. This mail contains a tracking number to keep track of the shipment at any time. So you can easily call the current state of your package.