design tips

DESIGN or not design - that's the question!

We design your card / your folder / your chosen product according to your required style to underline the recognition value of your house.

We bring your design onto your card - in best quality.

There are different possibilities:

  • Individual Print or print ov motives - with print card
  • Stamping / Embossing of the logo blind or in metallic colors - at all material
  • Permadruck in highest photo quality on all materials except genuine leathe
  • Branding on wooden cards

Comparison VECTORS and PIXELS
In principle there's a distinction between vector and pixel graphic. Vectorised data is the base for a quick and effective treatment of templates for printing advertising material and articles. The following examples show the essential differnce between both graphical formats.


(files such as .eps, .ai, .cdr, ...)

A vector graphic consists of single junctions and the area between is calculated mathematically. So you can change and scale the graphic optionally. A further advantage is the small file size of vector data.


(files such as .tif, .jpg, .png, ...)

A pixel graphic consists of single pixels. As soon as you work with a pixel graphic (f.ex. zoom, twist, distort, etc.) the quality gets lower and lower.