Woodstock Holz

mit Planofolie / A4ss

Nature Pure! The wooden card with stable insertions:

Woodstock WOOD or WOODY.


Cover available in 2 versions: WOOD: light wood in different colours available. Outside with structure, inside even. WOODY: veneered carrier material in different wooden surfaces.


In the back with screw spine avaiable in metal or wood to hold the insertions flexible. Insertions available as frame foils (A4, A4 landscape, A5) or with transparent plano foil (standard with A4 supernarrow, A5 supernarrow or A4 narrow).

Including protective corners in gold, silver, old gold, old silver, black or copper.


Give your card an individual touch - traditional or precious: individualize the cover with your logo: Either with metallic embossing, Permadruck, blind embossing or branding (only for WOOD, please on request)


Please note: the insertion system can be chosen with cardboard insertions or as Pro Touch (foil combined with cardboard) - please on request.

graphical preview dimensions

starting from € 28,90 free delivery in Austria

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