Quickfix Loden


Trendy, slim, flexible and easy to handle.


Quickfix Loden - the "clamping card" covered with Loden. Stylish, modern and unique.


Reinforced card covered with Loden. Clamping rail in the back covered with Medici bookbinder's cloth. To fix loose paper into the attached, transparent bar and then insert it into the back (clamping rail) of the card. Max. filling level ca. 3-4 mm. Protective corners available in gold, silver, old gold, old silver, black or copper.


We put on your logo at your card: either by embossing in metallic colours or with Permadruck at a piece of Medici stitched directly on the card (different cuttings possible: rectangle, square, circle, etc.)

Embroidering possible, please on request.

graphical preview dimensions

starting from € 32,90 free delivery in Austria

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